Marge Carson beds epitomize luxury and sophistication. Intricate craftsmanship, lavish fabrics, and timeless designs come together to create opulent pieces that redefine comfort and elegance in bedroom furnishings.

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Choose from a Stunning Collection of Over 550 Fabrics and Leathers!

Marge Carson offers an array of premium textiles chosen for their opulence and durability, elevating furniture into works of art.Customize your furnishings with a rich selection of textures, colors,and patterns, reflecting your unique taste and personality.

50 unique finishes and applications

Unleash the Furniture's Potential with Exclusive Wood and Metal Finishes. Marge Carson offers bespoke finishes to elevate each piece, making it truly exceptional.

Enhance your design with a selection of 150 accent pieces.

Discover the Ideal Finishing Touch for Your Furniture with a Wide Selection of Bulians, Closers, Trims, Buttons, Nailheads, and More to Perfect Every Detail.